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Galileo EB

The main feature of the EB series is its great functionality with a minimal amount of space. The gear box can be remotely installed or positioned next to the luminaire. With this solution the luminaire design guarantees efficiency, lightness and great versatility. In order to create such a functional and state-of-the-art floodlight, AEC considered every single details maintaining unaltered the design of the shape and bringing the luminaire at the highest levels. With the "External Box”, designed in particular for light tower applications, space and functionality get of dramatic importance thus maintaining the solidity of the luminaire.
  • IP66
  • IK08
  • Class I
  • Class II
  • Eagle Eye-Brow
Galileo EBGalileo EBGalileo EBGalileo EBGalileo EBGalileo EB
General Specifications
Building Centers, Road Lighting, Tunnel Lighting
Product Type
Tunnel Lighting, Floodlights
LED Current mA
525, 700

Technical Data
Die-cast aluminum
Body Color
AEC High Performance Optic. Aluminum reflector Class A+ and photo-biological Safety Class EXEMPT GROUP.
Flat tempered glass, 4mm thickness
IP Protection
Ambient temperature
Ta= max 25°C
Die-cast aluminium UNI EN 1706, powder painted. AEC Thermo Flow technology for optical unit lifetime.
Front cover (material / thickness)
Frame and cover of the optical system in die cast aluminium alloy.
Cable gland
Cable box in drawn aluminium.

Optical Data
Number of Modules
1, 2, 3
60W, 117W, 150W, 306W, 268.5W, 459W
Delivered Output (lm)
13500, 16460, 26240, 31220, 38620, 47360
Light Distribution
Power factor
Average Lamp Life

Electrical Data
Input Voltage/Frequency
220-240V, 50/60Hz
Electrical Class
Class I, Class II
Driver Mounting
DALI, Wireless
Mains connection
Mains connection with integrated cable H07RN-F and M/F connector IP66/68.

Ordering Code

CodeDimensions (mm)Number of modulesWattageDelivered Output (lm)Beam Angle
GALILEO EB 1 Tunnel lighting ASP 525mA437*231*2912,360 - 150W8640 - 13500ASP
GALILEO EB 1 Tunnel lighting ASP 700mA437*231*2912,360 - 150W10800 - 16620ASP
GALILEO EB 1 Tunnel lighting STE, STW 525mA437*231*2914,660 - 150W6500 - 13330STE,STW
GALILEO EB 1 Tunnel lighting STE, STW 700mA437*231*2914,660 - 150W8310 - 16460STE,STW
GALILEO EB 2 Tunnel lighting ASP 525mA486*437*3674,5,6117 - 306W17510 - 26240ASP
GALILEO EB 2 Tunnel lighting ASP 700mA486*437*3674,5,6117 - 306W21560 - 32240ASP
GALILEO EB 2 Tunnel lighting STE, STW 525mA486*437*3678,10,12117 - 306W13140 - 25440STE,STW
GALILEO EB 2 Tunnel lighting STE, STW 700mA486*437*3678,10,12117 - 306W16450 - 31220STE,STW
GALILEO EB 3 Tunnel lighting ASP 525mA741*437*3677,8,9268.5 - 459W29770 - 38620ASP
GALILEO EB 3 Tunnel lighting ASP 700mA741*437*3677,8,9268.5 - 459W36560 - 47360ASP